Here at Five Star Fireworks we are committed to bringing you the best fireworks at the best prices. We have over 30 years’ experience doing this and will provide expert advice, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pyro-technician.

You may have a budget (big or small) and want us to pick out the best selection for you, you may know exactly what you want or just want some guidance, we are here to help you and will do our best to make sure your night goes off with a Bang!!

We always have stock including:
– Large Rocket Packs
– Mines
– Catherine Wheels
– DIY Selection Boxes
– Sparklers and Single Ignition Displays

We sell all year round and can offer you displays including
– Firework Night
– Halloween
– New Year
– Diwali
– Weddings
– Birthdays
– Divorces
– Anniversary’s
– Funerals
We offer Safety Advice, Free Site Surveys, Firing Sequence Supplied and also Free Local Delivery (£100 Minimum Spend).
Got A Question? feel free to ask.

Areas we cover